Tell Seattle Storm: Don’t “Play Ball” with Planned Parenthood!

On June 15, Planned Parenthood announced a new partnership with the Seattle Storm of the WNBA. The move marks the first time a professional sports franchise has officially endorsed the nation’s largest abortion corporation.

The partnership involves the Storm giving $5 from the sale of each ticket to their July 18th game against the Chicago Sky to Planned Parenthood, which would total $87,295 if all 17,459 seats of the arena are filled. In addition, the Storm will be holding an auction and political rally in support of Planned Parenthood at Key Arena in Seattle prior to the game.


  • Use the easy form below to sign the petition and send an email to General Manager Alisha Valavanis to compel the Seattle Storm to cease partnering with America’s largest abortion chain, Planned Parenthood.

Seattle Storm: Don't "Play Ball" with Planned Parenthood!

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  • Call General Manager Valavanis at (206) 217-9622. Let her know that partnering with those who inflict violence to preborn boys and girls and traffic their dead bodies is wrong and bad for business
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