Study: Pictures of Abortion Change Minds

Columbus, OH – Sept 14, 2016 – For years, Created Equal has shared anecdotal evidence of the power of victim images to change minds, point individuals toward the healing of the Gospel, and more. Now, Dr. Jacqueline C. Harvey, professor of political science at Tarleton State University, has drafted a study of the effectiveness of pictures of abortion based on data collected in the wake of pro-life projects. Read below!


The study confirms what pro-lifers have witnessed for decades: seeing pictures of abortion victims alters how individuals feel about abortion—which in turn influences how they think about abortion, including their political views. Those with greater negative feelings toward abortion, for example, favored prohibition.

  • Video: Watch a student at Otterbein University (Ohio) change his mind about abortion after seeing victim images.

Video: “Student: Victim Images are ‘Mind-Opening’”

“Ultimately, opponents’ claims that abortion victim images are ineffective at changing public opinion are unsupported, as was the claim that this strategy is counterproductive or irreconcilable with other strategies.” – Dr. Jacqueline C. Harvey

According to the study, after victim images were seen:

  • 90% of those affected by pictures of abortion said their negative feelings toward abortion increased.
  • Those identifying as completely anti-abortion increased by nearly 30%.
  • Those identifying as pro-abortion decreased in their degree of support.
  • Overall, there was a statistically significant gain of nearly 17% toward an anti-abortion worldview.
  • Support for incremental anti-abortion gains, like gestational limits, increased substantially by 15% overall.

“This study confirms what we see every day on the street. Hiding injustice perpetuates injustice. Photographic evidence of this great crime is the greatest tool we have for cultural change. We’ve known this for years. Now we have statistical evidence.” – Mark Harrington, National Director, Created Equal