Talking with Mothers



  • Pray. Ask God to provide wisdom and guide you through conversations.
  • Understand the mother’s priorities. The mother’s central concern is often not the baby but rather her situation. You should thus begin by appealing to her own well-being. It is certainly appropriate to explain the life and value of the baby; however, to be effective in reaching the mother at the final hour, your appeals should reflect her priorities.
  • Familiarize yourself with the abortion procedures. Know how to explain the procedures and risks.


  • First, introduce yourself by name.
  • Next, share a few memorized lines since the window of opportunity is short. For example:
    • “This place isn’t safe for you. You deserve better than abortion.”
    • “We are here because we love you and care about you and your baby.”
    • “It’s never too late to cancel your appointment.”
    • “No one can force you to have an abortion.”
    • “We can walk you to a pregnancy resource center where you can get all you need, free of charge.”
    • “If you are pregnant, you are already a mother. You are strong enough to protect him or her.”
    • “Abortion is permanent. You’ll never be able to get your baby back and you’ll never know what your baby looks like or who he or she would have grown up to be.”
  • Consider additional talking points:
    • What the pregnancy resource center offers.
    • Prenatal development (e.g., the heart begins beating at 16 days)
    • Physical and emotional effects of abortion on women and men
    • Use descriptive language for abortion procedures. Pill abortions starve and suffocate the baby. Surgical abortions decapitate, dismember, and disembowel children.
    • If you know people who would adopt her child, share their name and photo, with permission.
    • Share information about lawsuits against the facility or medical staff, safety violations, botched abortions, etc.


Keep speaking. The waiting room is often right on the other side of the wall. Women have changed their mind after going inside because they could still hear counselors outside. Project your voice. Remind mothers it isn’t too late to cancel their appointment or just talk with you.

To see this in action, watch Created Equal’s External Affairs Assistant Lexie Hall help a young woman choose life!