Abortion: Whose Problem is it?

“It doesn’t really affect me, so I don’t care about it.” Today I had the privilege of talking to Robert in downtown Columbus. Robert told me that since he is a man and single and still in his teens, abortion … More

“Can You Tell Us About Abortion?”

As we were doing outreach on Monday, a thirteen-year-old girl approached me and said her mom wanted me to explain abortion to her and her ten-year-old sister. I walked over to where all three of them were sitting, which was … More

“That Looks Delicious”

“That looks delicious. I love dead babies!” a man said to me as he walked by. “Sir, that’s really sick if you think that dismembered babies look delicious,” I replied. Unfortunately we’ve all heard comments like this one many times … More

“You’re not going to change anyone’s minds!”

“You’re not going to change anyone’s minds.” The Created Equal team was doing outreach in downtown Columbus today when a man walked by and said this to me. I find it quite fascinating that somehow the stranger I met today … More