“You’re doing it all wrong!”

   “Your message is fine, but you’re doing it all wrong!” one student shouted during our recent outreach at Otterbein University. When asked to explain, she declared that showing “shocking photos” is wrong. I asked if she’d seen this summer … More

Radical Abortion Advocates Assemble Against #ProtestPP

These ladies doth protest too much, methinks.  “The vicious slander and attacks on Planned Parenthood must be stopped!” declares radical pro-abortion group Stop Patriarchy in an online call for counter protests to our August 22nd rallies in 300+ cities nationwide. Perusing … More

Killing As a Solution to Tragedy in Paraguay?

In recent weeks, Paraguay and the tragedy of an abused child have become exclamation points to pro-abortion stump speeches. Seeking to sway those undecided on abortion, they point to this tale of brutality—and after all, why not? If our emotions … More