Thankful for Our Students!

At Created Equal, we are thankful for brave students willing to stand tall in an era of compromise. This summer, over a dozen graduates of our internship program came to our headquarters in Ohio with the goal of defending babies. Despite all the challenges of 2020, they achieved their goal!


Leading Created Equal outreach on busy overpasses, in downtown squares, and at abortion centers, these graduates changed the debate about abortion. Residents no longer think about abortion in vague terms. They have seen the victims themselves.

  • Watch another VIDEO of a day in the life of a young pro-life activist.

Now they are all back home making a difference in their own communities.

Encourage students you know to apply for our spring 2021 Justice Ride. We need more young leaders like our interns! It all begins with a Justice Ride.

We are thankful for these bold students. We are thankful for all who defend babies. And we are thankful to everyone who supports our ministry!