The Best Highlights from a Decade of Created Equal

It’s been ten years since Created Equal embarked on the mission of mentoring students to rescue babies. And to mark this moment, we’ve assembled ten videos featuring our favorite highlights: a sampling of the babies we’ve seen rescued over the decade.

Since Created Equal began, our focus has been: 1. Match a powerful case for human equality with the visual reality of what abortion is, and 2. Put this into the hands of bold defenders, who reach hearts and change minds on abortion.

We wish that our job were not needed, but so long as babies are being purposefully killed, we continue on.

Scroll down to meet some of the parents and babies who’ve left an impact on our hearts—and then go to the bottom to see how you, too, can see babies saved.

Video: The First Time We Confirmed a Baby Was Saved

Ten of the Babies God Has Rescued Over the Decade

  • Amad’s Baby: About a year after Created Equal was founded, we met a man in downtown Columbus, OH who told us about a fateful day when he saw our signs on his campus.
  • Baby Saved at Bedford Heights Planned Parenthood: “Something just clicked, and I’m just happy to be pregnant today!”
  • An Uncle to the Rescue: Sometimes God uses an unexpected person to rescue a life. And that’s just what happened after a man dropped his sister off at Planned Parenthood.
  • Daneshia’s Baby: She met us on her way into the abortion facility. But more importantly, she soon walked back out. Listen to Daneshia share her story and wait for the end when you can meet her newborn baby boy.
  • Dad Sees Abortion, Then Saves Baby: He saw our signs, met our team, and then realized he had to do something. Watch this dad grapple with his responsibility as a father.
  • Baby Saved When Mom Hears Baby Has Heartbeat: “My baby has a heartbeat?” a mother asked our team outside an abortion facility. And then everything changed.
  • Justice Rides: Babies Rescued!: Listen to two of our young Justice Riders share their encounter with two young mothers who were planning to have abortions.
  • 30 Years Later: Post-Abortive Mother Helps Save a Baby: One mother returns to the site of her abortion decades later. Her grief turns to joy when she helps to save another couple’s child.
  • Abortion Clinic Turnaway: She said she hadn’t decided yet what she was going to do, but she was entering an abortion facility when we met her.
  • Created Equal Helps Father Rescue Baby: “It’s got me depressed already,” a father exiting an abortion facility laments. But, after seeing and hearing the truth, he took action and will remember this as the day he stood up for his child.

Are you willing to be a defender of babies and helper to their parents? All you need are the right tools and a little direction.

Check out Created Equal’s online sidewalk counseling training. From beginning to finish, you can learn how to approach mothers and fathers, which talking points are most effective, and more!

Then order signs from our store that you can use in your sidewalk counseling.

Finally, contact us to let us know you’re ready to begin! Our team will be in touch and be ready to walk with you every step of the way.