The Justice Ride Ends, But the Work Has Just Begun!

Our two buses of student activists have completed their week in Florida. There are many stories to share, which we’ll be doing in the coming weeks, but for now we wanted to introduce you to a few Justice Riders and tell you of their plans for the future. From various backgrounds, these students united with a common purpose: to change opinion on abortion.

Video: A Day on the Justice Ride

Our Justice Rides include a winning combination: abortion victim photos to settle the facts and winsome students to create effective dialogue.

Once students experience this, they are inspired to go to the next level. Check out what a few first-time Riders had to say:

  • “I will not be silent. I plan to remain actively engaged in any way I can, be it in my friend circles or anywhere else beyond, and possibly pursue an internship with Created Equal. I know God will show me what to do.” – Elise
  • “I am going to use my knowledge and experience I have obtained from the Justice Ride to continue to have important conversations about abortion in my everyday life. I also hope to continue to work with pro-life organizations like Created Equal!” – Faith
  • “I want to continue to defend the preborn by starting conversations with my peers and family members about abortion. I would also like to continue working with Created Equal by doing outreaches or perhaps becoming an intern with Created Equal.” – Eva

With your help, this Justice Ride will indeed be a pivotal step toward ending abortion!

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