Trump Should Focus on The REAL Enemy: Abortionists and Their Business Partners! | The Mark Harrington Show

Though Created Equal does not support or oppose Donald Trump for President, Mark Harrington discusses Donald Trump’s statements made to MSNBC’s Chris Matthews regarding the punishment if abortion were made illegal.  Trump’s position of punishing women who have illegal abortions is generally unrepresentative of most of the anti-abortion movement.  Women who abort their children ALREADY suffer the adverse natural consequences of abortion, and in order to add a legal penalty to these women’s lives, we would have to prove a “meeting of the minds” between the abortionist and woman (which rarely exists) among other things that would prove a level of culpability.  Women have never been punished for committing illegal abortions for a variety of reasons, and that would likely be the case if it were banned in the future.  
Additionally, Created Equal just finished a two-day flyering tour in Lake Forest, Illinois near Chicago, raising awareness of Stericycle and CEO Charles Alutto’s involvement in the disposal of the body parts of murdered babies.  
Also, on April 26th at 10am, late-term abortionist Martin Haskell will be making his last appeal to overturn the Ohio Department of Health’s move to close down his Kettering, Ohio center.  Join us in front of the Ohio Department of Health on April 26th to observe the LAST STAND of Haskell, the founder OF THE PARTIAL BIRTH ABORTION! METHOD!

Source: Podbean