Unsure How to Talk About Abortion? Start Here.

All eyes remain on DC. But the political arena is only one part of the battle to save babies’ lives. Simple conversations every day move the needle in the right direction—if you know how to ask the right questions and plant nuggets of truth in the minds of those you meet. Check out three quick tips from our newest “man on the street” video!

Video: Is it okay to kill a one-week-old baby?

Talking about abortion is not hard. After all, the heart of our case is that it’s wrong to kill babies. It’s those who want to defend doing this that should be anxious about how to present their position.

To help you get started, here are three tips from the video above featuring Created Equal team member Lexie.

Tip #1: Start with a question: When Lexie meets Ryan, the passerby featured in the video, she doesn’t begin with “Here’s why abortion’s wrong.” Instead she asks a question—but not just any question. It’s open-ended so Ryan can’t just say, “Yes” or “No” in response. When Lexie asks, “What are your thoughts on abortion?” he must pause to answer.

Tip #2: She refers to the baby as a person: Language matters. Lexie not only explains the immorality of dehumanization to Ryan, but when talking about the baby, she refers to “this person.” This prods Ryan either to challenge or implicitly accept her position.

Tip #3: She asks Ryan for feedback: This small but vital tip separates those who wish to persuade others from those content to preach. Throughout the dialogue, Lexie asks Ryan for feedback on what she’s said, asking, “Does that make sense?” She wants to ensure he is tracking with her before moving on to the next point.

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