Urgent: ProMedica may rescue Toledo abortion facility

Yesterday, we brought you good news that Ohio’s Supreme Court upheld the Ohio Dept of Health decision to close Toledo’s last abortion facility. Today, your action is needed to keep a local hospital from rescuing this abortion facility. Sign the petition!

Ohio state law requires ambulatory surgical centers, like Capital Care network’s Toledo abortion facility, to have a transfer agreement with a local hospital. To date, Toledo’s ProMedica Hospital had chosen not to provide Capital Care the needed transfer agreement.

However, following the Supreme Court decision, ProMedica spokesman Tedra White stated, “At this point, ProMedica has not changed its position; obviously we’re considering it. We feel like this Ohio Supreme Court decision warrants a review of the issue, but we have not changed our position.”

Randy Oostra, President and CEO of ProMedica, previously said, “Toledo ProMedica Hospital does not have transfer agreements with abortion clinics. However, with or without a transfer agreement, we will perform any necessary treatment of women, or any patient, in need of emergent care.”

A transfer agreement, thus, is not needed to ensure care to women after abortion. It would only serve the purpose of keeping the Toledo abortion facility in business.

We must be gracious. We must be bold. But we must not delay. The lives of babies hang in the balance.