VIDEO: Censorship against Created Equal Mounts

Violations of Created Equal’s First Amendment Free Speech rights continue at high schools and colleges across America. Recently, we captured aggressive censorship of our speech and content at several high schools.  For example, watch these videos:

Additionally, this fall semester we kept our attorneys busy beating back draconian speech codes on several universities. If I were to chronicle these, I would run out of space on this page.

We faced down out of control administrations at the University of Michigan, Michigan State University, IUPUI, IPFW, Temple, and the University of Louisville.

At the University of Pittsburgh, we were forced to conduct our outreach on the public sidewalks around the college.  Even then, our team was confronted by arrogant students who think they alone dictate how others can express themselves. Watch the video below.

If you think I am exaggerating, then why are abortion advocates looking to lawmakers to codify censorship against Created Equal? Recently, pro-abortion Ohio representatives (HB 234) and Toledo City Councilmen (see ordinance) introduced measures to create censorship zones around child-killing centers. But Created Equal is fighting back by supporting the Campus Free Speech Act in Ohio (HB 363).

The right to speak is a fundamental cornerstone of our republic and one that many Americans spilled their blood to protect. We will not let abortion bullies win. Our veterans and progeny deserve nothing less.