Watch: Abortionist Loses it When He Sees Abortion

If abortion isn’t a big deal, why do those who commit it get so angry when we show the world what they do? Check out our latest video, showing what happens when an abortionist comes face to face with pictures of aborted babies. He gets so angry that a nurse from his staff has to restrain him!

Video: Abortionist Reacts to Pictures of Aborted Babies

Our team was in Miami, FL recently when they encountered abortionist Richard Friefeld. He saw them standing on public sidewalks adjacent to his abortion facility with signs depicting babies killed by abortion. And that’s when he lost it.

Friefeld’s reaction suggests he is not used to interacting with pro-lifers outside his abortion facility. Tragically, this is the story for many abortion centers across America—babies continue to die inside while very few assemble to protest or offer help to parents outside.

“It’s beyond ironic that Friefeld is more concerned that mothers may see the violence of abortion than he is that mothers may commit abortion. Abortionists are NOT health care professionals. They are bottom feeders of society who hate it when we expose their grisly trade.” – Mark Harrington, President, Created Equal

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