What the Riders had to say

Our mission to activate preborn defenders often leads to focusing on outreach efforts which create dialogue, such as using signs on college campuses or downtown squares. However, there are other methods of rescuing babies with which defenders must be familiar.

This summer, our Justice Riders displayed large abortion victim photos on multiple overpasses during rush hour, distributed flyers door-to-door, and led sidewalk counseling and protest outside of abortion facilities. By the end of the week, the Riders had not only apologetic skills for debate but also experience with effective social reform tactics.


Created Equal’s team of summer 2016 Justice Riders.

Read what the Riders had to say afterward:

“The Justice Ride has changed my perspective on abortion from facts and figures to lives and souls.” – Jacob

“Created Equal is an organization that doesn’t talk about how terrible abortion is. They actively try to stop it.” – Lauren

“Having been trained well and experienced numerous outreaches, I feel confident in answering any pro-abortion argument.” – Joe

While the Justice Ride may be behind us, our summer is far from over. Our team of interns and full-time staff regularly hit the streets to rescue the preborn and offer hope and healing to the born. And we’re laying plans for another big event: #OperationRNC. The eyes of the world will turn to Cleveland, OH during the Republican National Convention. We do not endorse or oppose any candidate for political office. However, we refuse to let this opportunity to defend the babies with a global profile pass us by.

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