Why Do Many Oppose Abortion While Few Fight?

Many people across the nation, if pressed, would say it is wrong to dismember preborn people growing in the womb.

Why, then, are the majority of these people not actively engaged in life-saving efforts to rescue actual babies?

Check out this brand new clip from Students for Life of America featuring Created Equal President Mark Harrington answering why.

VIDEO: #Why Opposing Abortion Comes at a Cost (with Mark Harrington)

In the clip, Mark retells a story you might recognize—the story of Emmett Till—but with startling details often left out of the story. Here’s what one viewer said afterward:

“The Emmett Till story is so difficult for me to listen to every time. I cannot imagine the pain he went through and the suffering & undeserved guilt his mother had to deal with afterward. But the amazing goodness that God was able to bring out of an absolutely tragic situation to catalyze the rights of African American people… I sincerely hope that the same can be done for the unborn.” – Curiously Kristina

Will the same happen for babies not yet born? Not unless more run to the mission to put their names on the line with this forgotten people.

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