Will You Accept the Mission to Save Lives?

It’s a new year, but our mission hasn’t changed. Created Equal remains committed to the idea that anyone, anywhere can defend preborn babies. All they need is guidance, practice, and the right tools. In era of uncertainty, here’s one thing we know: this model saves lives. Check out some of the proof below.

Video: Pro-Choice to Pro-Life – “I see it a whole different way”

When our team is on the streets, we appeal to people from all walks of life, and so we hear all kinds of stories. Here are just a few we’ve heard which demonstrate the power of our outreach.

Mother choosing not to kill her baby

My boyfriend got me pregnant, and many friends and teachers were telling me to have an abortion because my life would be ruined by this baby. A teacher from my high school even dropped me off at Founders Women’s Health Center (Columbus, OH) to have an abortion. As I was walking in, someone was there counseling women and offered me a brochure and free resources. Inside the brochure, I saw how abortions are performed and what it does to a baby. I knew then it was a baby and it was wrong for me to kill it. So I decided to keep my little girl, who is now 5-months-old. – Nancy (Columbus, OH)

Father accepting his God-given role

When I started talking to you, I thought that a father doesn’t have any say whether the woman gets an abortion. But now I would do anything to defend the life of my baby. – Annon (Gainesville, FL)

Bystanders becoming pro-life

I talked to you last time. I took information and walked away saying I was still pro-choice. Later, I looked at what you gave me, thought more about what you said, and now I’ve completely changed my mind. – Tim (Columbus, OH)

These images make my heart bleed. Thank you for talking to me about this today. This completely changed my mind. I see now that there is no difference between a born and unborn baby. – Bruce (West Lafayette, IN)


For those interested in statistical data on the effectiveness of outreach using abortion victim photos, check out our blog and the analysis from Dr. Jacqueline Harvey of Tarleton University.