Women’s March Madness

The irony of pro-abortion forces uniting at Freedom Plaza in Washington, DC was on full display last weekend for the so-called Women’s March. Check out our footage from the frontlines to see the Women’s March Madness for yourself!

Our young team members were there to be a voice for women killed in the name of “women’s rights”—born and preborn—and show visually the human toll of the pro-abortion event. And once again, the marchers tried to censor us. They screamed, blew whistles in our faces, and even tried to rip our signs from our hands.

Nevertheless, we stood in solidarity with those who have been violently silenced by abortion and reached out to marchers with the truth in love.

Over the past four years, the pro-abortion marchers have continually censored pro-life women who believe women’s rights begin when a woman begins to exist rather than when she is born. But the bigger problem is that their theme of “Women Rising” is rooted in the dismemberment of the youngest of all girls. How, then, can they say they are fighting for all women?

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