Miracle Story: A Change of Heart at the Women’s Rally in Washington D.C.

Purdue University student David Kuhn reflects on his experience with Created Equal at the “Women’s” March in Washington, DC:

My group had just set up in front of the Lincoln Memorial. I couldn’t help but notice this little girl, who looked about five years old, and her mom. While the little girl’s mom was busy taking pictures and enthusiastically chanting pro-choice chants, the little girl caught sight of our sign that displayed the victims of abortion. Her face instantly changed from a smile to complete confusion and sadness. . . . Her mom returned and said, “Come on, baby, let’s go over there,” but that little girl didn’t budge one inch!

Her mom asked her what was wrong. The little girl just pointed at our sign and said one word: “WHY?” Her mom tried to brush it off, but she more ardently asked again: “WHY?” This went on, but no matter what reasons her mom could try and come up with, that little girl was not satisfied.

By this point, both mom and daughter were in tears. Her mom got down on her knees, took the little girl in her arms and hugged her . . . Then, she took off her pink hat.

She said, “Come on, baby, we’re going home.”

Originally posted on Boilermakers for Life blog.

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