You Can Join Created Equal’s Team: June 13-14

Have you met people who are “personally pro-life”? They would never get an abortion themselves, but they wouldn’t stop others from having one.

How should you respond? Check out today’s featured video and look for dialogue tips below.

The best way to learn how to respond to these ideas, though, is to shadow our team on the streets. And you can do that in just under a month at this year’s Day of Action in Columbus, OH. Scroll to the bottom for details!

Video: Reluctant Conversation Leads to a Mind Changed

When someone is “personally pro-life,” they are essentially pro-choice.

That’s because being neutral is agreeing with the status quo. And the status quo on abortion is that it is legal to kill preborn babies. In the days of legal chattel slavery in America, “neutrality” would have meant being essentially pro-slavery. And the same is true today in the era of legal abortion.

So how should you respond when someone says they’re personally pro-life?

Quick Conversation Tips: “I can’t really make a decision for someone else.”

  • “Why?”: Ask, “Why do you oppose abortion personally?” Press them to explain why they would not have an abortion themselves. Eventually they’ll say something like, “Well, I wouldn’t want to kill my baby.”
  • Paraphrase their Position: Say, “So it sounds like you’re saying you wouldn’t kill your own baby, but you think it’s okay for others to kill their babies?” Pause and let that sink in for a minute. Then say, “Do you really believe that’s okay?”
  • Find the Real Objection: In today’s featured video, Created Equal team member Isaac gets to the heart of the matter. He asks, “Is there any situation that would justify abortion in your mind?” This smokes out the student’s real objection. He thinks rape justifies abortion. This objection to the pro-life view is what holds him back from being actually (not “personally”) pro-life. Getting to the real objection, Isaac can respond to the real issue.

Learn to save babies by joining our team for this year’s Day of Action!

  • Who: All ages welcome!
  • Where: Columbus, OH
  • When: June 13-14
  • Cost: $10 for individuals; $50 for a group of 5 or more people.
  • To Register: Go to org/DayOfAction.

Also, check out our short Day of Action clip!