“You changed my viewpoint on this.”

“I wasn’t convinced on that day,” Pablo, a student at The Ohio State University, states detailing his first encounter with Created Equal earlier this fall in a new video. Reconnecting with us on a return visit to his school, Pablo explained we’d motivated him to go to his campus library to find evidence to prove our team member’s arguments wrong. But rather than becoming solidified in his support of abortion, Pablo experienced something else entirely. Watch below!

Some students, like Pablo, need time to reevaluate their positions and shirk the pro-abortion status quo they’ve adopted. Others, like those we met recently at Columbus¬†State Community College (CSCC), are quick to admit their formerly held views on abortion were bankrupt.

These students initially defended abortion with appeals to the “hard cases,” or differences between born and preborn humans. But after looking at pictures of the victims and talking with our team, they declared, “You’ve changed my viewpoint on this,” “My thinking has definitely changed,” and “I’m leaving here with a different viewpoint.”

Pablo and the students at CSCC represent a growing number of students whose support of abortion is being rattled by the abortion victim photos. Pictures of the injustice cause them to stop, reconsider, and listen to evidence they otherwise might disregard.