Your Call to Action: Join Us June 13-14

You’ve seen our videos. Every day, people are changing how they think and feel about abortion. Now it’s your turn. Are you ready to take the next step?

The best way to start saving lives is within community. That’s why we launched our Day of Action two years ago. This short event gives everyone the opportunity not only to learn the case for human equality but also to put it into practice in real conversations with real people. Check out the short clip below, and then find out how you can join the Day of Action!

Video: Join Us For the Day of Action 2021

Here’s what last year’s Day of Action attendees had to say:

“With all the amazing young people in this group, there really is hope for our world.” – Sandra

“I learned about the apologetics behind the pro-life movement and how to debunk pro-abortion arguments. I also learned tips for outreach.” – Luke

“I learned it is simpler than I thought to talk about abortion with people. I learned some practical questions and answers to use and engage. Walking away with more confidence, interest, drive and less fear.” – Hannah

Now it’s your turn! Join us for this year’s Day of Action!

Day of Action

  • Who: All ages welcome!
  • Where: Columbus, OH
  • When: June 13-14
  • Cost: $10 for individuals; $50 for a group of 5 or more people.

 To Register: Go to

First, register for the Day of Action! Next, share our Day of Action video on social media. Invite others to join you at our event!

Forward our video to your pastor, small group leader, and others. Encourage them to attend and tell others about the event.