Should Poverty be a Death Sentence?

While walking though the sugar cane villages (called bateys) in the Dominican Republic earlier this month, I was taken aback by two things. First, the absolute squalor these families lived in. Families of nearly ten were living in 9×9 shacks … More

“Why Would Someone Want to Do That?”

I was a bit nervous for outreach outside the White House–not because the temperature was nearing 100 degrees, but because we would be set up in an area heavy with tourists. In my past experience, tourists tended to be angrier … More

Anger and Intuition

“Why is it not okay to display these images, if the action is okay?” I repeated myself for a second time. The woman, who identified as pagan, stumbled to find an answer. She had been yelling at my fellow intern, … More

Planned Parenthood Preys On The Sexually Abused

“Can I get your thoughts on abortion, sir?” This was the question I asked a young man named DeShawn in Cincinnati, OH, during our Justice Ride last week. He contemplated the question for a moment before responding. “It’s really bad, … More

The Scars in our Culture

“I’m pro-choice, but these signs are disgusting!” an outspoken girl yelled from among a quiet group. “Why are they gross? If this were any typical medical procedure, would you find the images as appalling?” I replied. “I’m not sure,” she admitted, … More