Madman Assaults Created Equal Team Member at Ohio High School


“This is not violence,” an angry abortion advocate screams while physically attacking a Created Equal team member.

In a newly released clip from Created Equal Films, a Columbus, OH resident roughed up one of our outreach team members even before he had an opportunity to dialogue with his intended audience. Outraged by even the notion of pictures of aborted babies being shown, he went on a tirade.

The video shows the abortion advocate assaulting Ian Spencer, Outreach Coordinator, for Created Equal, as he prepared his team to discuss abortion with students at Gahanna Lincoln High School in Columbus, OH. While attacking Ian, he refuses to admit what he is doing is violent.

When Ian requests he stop violating our right to free speech, he responds: “I am not physically assaulting anyone.” Nevertheless, he does not stop arguing that he has a right to threaten our team—all the while telling them “to leave this area … right now.”

Police arrived on the scene shortly after the attack. Later that day, the perpetrator was cited for a fourth degree misdemeanor of disorderly conduct.

It seems increasingly common for abortion advocates not only to dissent to our message but also to resort to violence. In defending the violence of abortion, abortion advocates use violence to intimidate preborn defenders. We take every lawful measure to ensure the safety of our team members. However, we understand these kinds of attacks are inevitable. We will never be silenced by violence or threats of violence. — Mark Harrington, National Director, Created Equal

Created Equal coordinates in advance with local law enforcement when planning our outreaches to ensure adherence to the law. Ohio law reads that individuals forfeit their right to privacy in a public area. Therefore, videotaping our high school outreaches are a lawful expression of our First Amendment rights.

We are pressing charges. Stay tuned for updates.

  • gregpiper

    I think he actually said “it’s not violent.”

  • mfriedma

    Why aren’t you publishing the name of the person who was charged and who allegedly assaulted you?

    • Created Equal

      We do not publish the name because we leave it up to the justice system to defend our rights. While the individual was wrong, we do not want to incite violence against them.

      • mfriedma

        I think there is a difference between inciting violence and naming and shaming.

        It is unlikely that this person will suffer any significant consequences from the criminal justice system unless he is already on parole or something.

        On the other hand, given the magic of Google, if you name and shame him this will follow him for the rest of his life. That’s fair.

        I don’t think anyone is going to attack him because of his behavior, however. So I would not worry about inciting violence.