Three Babies Rescued (Read their Stories)

“I’m telling her about Created Equal, who helped save her life.”

Babies rescued! Every day Created Equal is on the streets, people are reached and lives are saved. While often we don’t get to see the fruit of our labor, here are three stories from the past month of babies rescued from abortion.

“Allison” | October 24, 2017

Emma saving babies in Philly

Walking out of Planned Parenthood in Philadelphia after a consultation for an abortion of her 17-week-old preborn child, Allison met our team.

Field Assistant Emma Mysko recalls, “Her eyes immediately flashed over to an image of a child aborted at 15 weeks on our sign.” Allison already had another child. She feared telling her mom she was pregnant again. And she was only 18 years old, still in high school. This is a scenario often cited as justification for abortion.

But Allison looked at Emma’s picture of a preborn baby sucking her thumb. Then she looked back at the sign of the dead baby. Tears in her eyes, Allison said, “I am terrified to be a mom again, and my mother is going to be mad, but I can’t do that to my baby. My baby doesn’t deserve to die!”

“Matthew” | October 6, 2017

Since their internship with Created Equal, Silas and Lisbeth have been leading outreach in their hometown of Fort Wayne, IN. Recently, while reaching students at Northside High School, Silas gave resources and a fetal model to “Matthew,” a student who said his cousin had scheduled an abortion.

One month later, our Road Trip for Life team was at the same high school. Matthew spoke with Field Captain Sam Riley. He said, “My cousin was scheduled to get an abortion. I showed her your fliers and the little baby model. Her baby is alive today!”

“Monica” | October 2017

Baby Monica was almost killed. Her mother, “Tracy,” felt unprepared for another child, had recently been hospitalized after physical abuse from Monica’s father, and had been threatened by him with death if she considered adoption. Thinking abortion was her only choice, Tracy found an out of state abortion facility which would kill Monica at 30 weeks.

But Tracy’s mom reached out to us. We responded with information about adoption and critical services to ensure protection of Tracy and Monica against the abusive father, as well as committed to prayer and ongoing support.

Now, after several months of working with the family, we just received the birth announcement and photo of beautiful Monica. Another baby at risk of death by dismemberment has been saved!

In a letter to our team, Monica’s grandmother writes,

I had the honor (and major heart tug) of wheeling her down to her adoptive parents when she was only an hour old. The Holy Spirit was SO present in that room when I handed mom her new baby and the things that were said made the 3 nurses who went with me sob, in a good way! I’m writing her a letter and I’m telling her about Created Equal who helped save her life. God Bless all of you! Now go get ‘em at the schools, boy do they need you! Much love!


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Let’s not grow tired. Lives are being rescued!