Anti-Abortion Legislation: Should We Just ‘Defy Tyrants,’ or Should We Gradually Chip Away?

In light of recent attempts at abortion bans and personhood initiatives, Mark discusses the “in house” debate within the pro-life movement regarding the strategy for achieving legal protection for the preborn. Mark spearheaded THE FIRST ABORTION BAN ATTEMPT IN US HISTORY in 2006–Ohio House Bill 228–in which he fought Right to Life forces tooth and nail to even get a hearing on the bill. Mark believes we need to be firing on all legislative cylinders and supports gradual measures and complete bans on abortion. Mark’s rationale: We need to save some babies now on the way to saving every baby later.

Sadly, Mark’s show doesn’t do the subject justice because there is much more that should be said. Neither incrementalists or “all or nothing” activists are likely to be satisfied with the broadcast because of the brevity of the program. The bottom line is that BOTH strategies have positives and negatives, but the use of gradual and strategic legislation has more positives and less negatives. There will be much more to come on this subject in future shows!

Source: Podbean