Mobile Billboards

While we are committed to using our voices to save babies, we know that the most powerful testimony against abortion is that of the victims themselves. While the babies cannot speak, they can be seen. Therefore, virtually everything we do is accompanied by photographic evidence of the victims.

A powerful mass media tool is that of the Truth Truck and Tow Banner Airplanes, which can reach masses who may not encounter us directly through our campus or urban outreach efforts. Mobile and airborne billboards are mounted with massive images to tell the story of the victims.

We often deploy the Truth Truck and Airplanes for strategic efforts, such as during election cycles. It is difficult and costly for any organization to wage an effective, affordable fifty-state battle over abortion. On the other hand, statewide educational campaigns are most effective and completely feasible in battleground states. During certain campaigns, Created Equal focuses on crucial states to educate voters on the most critical issue of our time: abortion.

Our billboards give preborn victims an opportunity to persuade citizens to use their vote to rescue other babies from abortion.

This strategy pays long-term dividends by having an effect on state abortion laws and helps elect pro-life federal, state and local representatives. Our objectives are clear. Our goals are defined. Dollar for dollar, this campaign delivers a strong pro-life message at a fraction of the cost of traditional voter education efforts.

Please pray for and support us.

*Created Equal’s voter education campaign does not support or oppose any particular candidate or candidates and is not affiliated, supported or funded by any political party, candidate, or candidate’s committee.

All abortion images are copyrighted by the Grantham Collection or Narcis Virgiliu.