“Can You Tell Us About Abortion?”

As we were doing outreach on Monday, a thirteen-year-old girl approached me and said her mom wanted me to explain abortion to her and her ten-year-old sister. I walked over to where all three of them were sitting, which was near the place I was originally standing. The mother then asked me to explain abortion to both of her young girls. I was slightly confused as to what was happening. I mean, how many parents really do that? The mother then said that she was worried about her thirteen-year-old daughter. She said if her daughter were to get pregnant, she would have an abortion. I could not believe the amazing opportunity that was before me. This mother was letting me sit down with her two young girls and talk to them about something that most parents would never mention in front of their children. I knew that I had to make the most of this great opportunity.


Audrey reaches out to passersby on the streets of downtown Columbus.

I sat down with the two girls and started by asking them what they knew about abortion. They knew very little. I then proceeded to tell them how each of the abortion procedures kills the baby. Their reaction to what I was telling them is something I will never forget. They were horrified and rightfully so. They had no idea that this is what abortion does to an innocent human being. They then, along with their mother, offered to stand on the sidewalk and pass out brochures with me. The two young girls stood beside me and handed out the brochures until their bus arrived five minutes later.

I was so grateful to have the opportunity to speak truth into these young girls during outreach. After I told them what abortion is, they were immediately against it and said they would never have one or let one of their friends have one. I was especially thankful for this opportunity because not too often are parents willing to let you talk to their children like that. This encounter with these girls helped me to see the importance of doing outreach and reaching young people before they are brainwashed by what the world tells them. Those two young girls were not scared of the images. They were horrified by the fact that there are people who legally kill children.

-Audrey Ahrendt, Intern