Hurting to Heal: Talking with Parents After Abortion

Question: Is it really wise to use abortion victim photos when those who’ve had abortions will see it? This is a question our team at Created Equal receives a lot. We know using photos of injustice can change the heart … More

First Abortion-Free State…

Historically, Created Equal has travelled to the annual D.C. March for Life to represent abortion victims to the marchers using our JumboTron. Unfortunately, last week the March for Life cancelled the event. But God had a plan! Missouri became abortion-free! … More

After 48 Years, Will You Give 48 Minutes?

Forty-eight. You’ll be hearing that number a lot this week—because it’s the number of years it has been legal throughout America to kill preborn children (thanks to nine men in black robes). But it’s also about the number of minutes … More

Unsure How to Talk About Abortion? Start Here.

All eyes remain on DC. But the political arena is only one part of the battle to save babies’ lives. Simple conversations every day move the needle in the right direction—if you know how to ask the right questions and … More

Will You Accept the Mission to Save Lives?

It’s a new year, but our mission hasn’t changed. Created Equal remains committed to the idea that anyone, anywhere can defend preborn babies. All they need is guidance, practice, and the right tools. In era of uncertainty, here’s one thing … More