New Video Is Crash Course for Abortion Discussions

This week, many will gather to celebrate the birth of Christ, our Savior. But when family or friends come together, especially in a year like the one we’ve had, conversation can quickly shift to controversial topics. Are you ready to … More

Planned Parenthood Preys On The Sexually Abused

“Can I get your thoughts on abortion, sir?” This was the question I asked a young man named DeShawn in Cincinnati, OH, during our Justice Ride last week. He contemplated the question for a moment before responding. “It’s really bad, … More

The Scars in our Culture

“I’m pro-choice, but these signs are disgusting!” an outspoken girl yelled from among a quiet group. “Why are they gross? If this were any typical medical procedure, would you find the images as appalling?” I replied. “I’m not sure,” she admitted, … More

“I can’t believe this; I won’t support it.”

A windy day of outreach in Detroit, Michigan had me holding on to my sign. One side displayed a preborn baby and the other side showed a 15-week-aborted baby. I saw a young man cruising down the sidewalk on a … More