Sidewalk Counseling

While we usually reach people on campuses and in public squares, sometimes that is too late for the babies. We need to be there to rescue them from death and help parents in the midst of their unplanned pregnancies. And so our team serves at abortion facilities to speak and share resources with those entering to kill their children.

Watch one mother’s story of changing her mind and giving birth to her baby after meeting our team.

We are on the frontlines of the battle for life when outside abortion facilities.  Standing on the sidewalk, we give witness to the victims of abortion outside the buildings in which they are dismembered.  While most of our team prays for the babies, mothers, fathers, and the repentance of all involved in abortion, several serve as “sidewalk counselors”—compassionately reaching out to women and men going into the clinic.  They share the truth that no matter how hard the circumstances may be, they do not need to take the life of their preborn child.  We offer help from local pregnancy resource centers and give post-abortive counseling information to those leaving after the abortion.  Watch us encounter a post-abortive mother who helped save a baby!

These prayers and efforts lead to many couples turning away from the abortion facilities, resulting in many lives saved.

Are you interested in helping us rescue babies and help their parents? Check out Created Equal’s online sidewalk counseling training to begin today!

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