Equip and Rescue: Announcing Created Equal’s Summer 2017 Interns


By the end of the Spring 2017 Justice Ride, many students were asking, “What’s next?” All were given tools for taking our outreach back home with them, but some still wanted to do more. From those students, we selected a team to spend the summer in full-time rescue efforts as part of Created Equal’s internship program.

2017 Summer Interns

Here’s what a few of these new interns had to say:

  • I haven’t stopped thinking about the mission since the Justice Ride ended. My heart aches to give this all I can. — Victoria
  • I like how Created Equal’s mission understands that the Gospel and the pro-life message go hand-in-hand. — Evangeline

These students will not spend the summer stuffing envelopes. Our interns are on the streets daily creating public dialogue, making visible the hidden victims of abortion, reaching out to those planning to kill their children.

Our summer internship combines classroom training with extensive field experience to equip individuals for ongoing defense of truth. Classroom topics include, but are not limited to, advanced conversational apologetics, historical genocide and American passivity, formal debate training, logic, and ministering to those who’ve had abortions. Interns draw upon skills gained in the classroom during outreach in downtown squares, outside abortion facilities, above busy overpasses, and more.

By the end of the program, these students will be fully equipped. Some will return as staff members. Others will go on to other vocations. But all will be prepared for a lifetime of sacrifice and service on behalf of their neighbors.

But we have just begun.  We are committed to continue the momentum.

Our Summer Internship and Justice Rides make an impact in the next generation’s ability to wage battle against the forces of death in our culture.

Please lend your hand of support by praying and giving financially to our mission of training the next generation of leaders to take on the culture of death and win.