Columbus Abortion Facility to Close

Within days, a Columbus, OH abortion company, Founders Women’s Health Center, will be shutting their doors at 1243 E. Broad St.  Founders was the first abortion facility in Ohio after abortion was decriminalized in 1973.

Founders has a sordid past. First and foremost, this abortion company has been murdering children for decades, bringing about the deaths of thousands of innocent preborn children.

Other legal and moral violations include employing uninsured abortionists, employing a known sex offender, not paying fines and taxes, and injuring women. Founders Women’s Health Center is not on a level with Kermit Gosnell as far as law-breaking and standards of practice, but they are close.

We are grateful for all the hundreds of activists who have prayed, protested and sidewalk counseled outside this abortion center over the decades.

“For time being at least, Columbus, OH will be reduced to having one abortion center. It wasn’t long ago there were seven killing centers in this city of 2 million residents. Thanks to the faithful efforts of the pro-life community, abortionists are increasingly having difficulty keeping their grisly businesses open.” – Mark Harrington, President, Created Equal

“Abortion is a scourge on our families, our communities, and our moral consciousness. For nearly three decades, Ohio’s first abortion clinic was housed at 1243 E Broad Street, in a building co-owned by three of Ohio’s first abortion providers. The doors of that building are shutting. That is a good thing for this community.” – Beth Vanderkooi, Executive Director, Greater Columbus Right to Life

We are still monitoring and gathering information about what next steps, if any, will be taken by this abortion company and will let you know of any further developments.