Georgia Outreach Team Hits the Road Dec. 13-19!

Created Equal won’t cower in fear before the Mob Left or anyone else. We have been called to speak out, no matter the danger to ourselves. We will never abandon the most vulnerable among us—our unborn brothers and sisters—to the thugs, bullies, anarchists, and revolutionaries on the Left and in the Democratic Party. The voiceless unborn need our voices to speak for them now more than ever!

Video: Georgia Outreach Team Hits the Road

Biden and Harris and the Mob Left know we stand in the way of accomplishing their extremist anti-life agenda, and they are going to come for you, me, and our fellow pro-life warriors. They have a special hatred and loathing for us.

Created Equal is uniquely qualified to do this because we are different from other pro-life organizations. Every pro-life group does good work. But none are as multi-faceted as Created Equal. Some focus on college campuses. Some focus on public protests. Some focus on fighting Planned Parenthood. Some focus on the Black community. Some focus on social media. Created Equal is actively involved in ALL that work…and more.

That is why we are going to Georgia to educate voters Dec. 13-19 and to the Presidential Inauguration Jan. 20, 2021.

Will you help us stand up to those who kill babies?