Internships and Careers


Women of the 2017 Internship

Do you want to dedicate a summer, academic year, or your career to saving lives? Join Created Equal’s team of full-time preborn defenders.

There are many ways to join our team–either as an intern or a full-time staff member. Created Equal offers internships and regular employment in training, accounting, public relations, media, administration, writing, and graphic design.

2017 Intern Graduation

The 2017 intern class graduates at Cornerstone Community Church on July 29th, 2017.

Our summer internship combines classroom training with extensive field experience to equip individuals for ongoing defense of truth. Classroom topics include, but are not limited to, advanced conversational apologetics, historical genocide and American passivity, formal debate training, logic, and ministering to those who’ve had abortions. Interns draw upon skills gained in the classroom during outreach in downtown squares, outside abortion facilities, above busy overpasses, and more.

Our “gap-year” internship offers students the option to join our team for the length of an academic year. This provides both the opportunity to specialize in a particular aspect of Created Equal’s mission and a realistic experience of full-time pro-life work.

Email Ian at to request the internship application. Note: To be considered, application submissions must include most recent resumé. You can also email Ian with any questions about our internship or the application process.