IU Student Steals, Vandalizes Signs as University Officials Look On

In the first week of Created Equal’s Road Trip for Life tour to more than 40 schools, our team has already faced increased violence toward property and persons. The most shocking from Week One of the trip came at Indiana University (IU, Bloomington), where Thomas Metcalf, a student known for leftist political activism, first stole our signs before returning to vandalize and destroy others showing pictures of aborted babies. Perhaps more disturbing than the student’s actions was the failure of IU administration officials on site to intervene. Watch the shocking footage!

IU had assigned officials to the site of Created Equal’s outreach. They were present when Metcalf first stole our signs, placing them into his car. Before he could drive off, however, Samuel Riley, Created Equal’s Field Captain, removed the signs from the student’s car, leaving the door open. The first IU official in the video says, “I’ll close it for you,” and shuts the door, enabling the perpetrator to speed away.

But Matcalf soon returns with spray paint. He then walks from sign to sign, spray painting and breaking signs, violently throwing bungee cords and metal rods from our equipment. Samuel and his team remove signs from his reach and attempt to stand in front of them, while another IU administration official, speaking to the vandal, says, “Sir, I’d like to encourage you to stop.” She makes no actual attempts to stop him. Samuel had to call police and chase the perpetrator himself because of the administration’s failure to intervene.

Before taking off on his bike, Metcalf confirms the pro-abortion motivation for his actions. Speaking to Sam, he says, “You want women to be child-rearing surrogates that don’t have any rights. And I f***ing hate you.”

But the video doesn’t end with the student speeding away on his bike. Watch all the way through to see this vandal humbled by the law. Police reports detail Metcalf has been charged with Disorderly Conduct, Vandalism, and Larceny-Theft.

Metcalf is known for extremist political views. He recently helped organize an anti-Kavanaugh rally. At a 2016 rally, he gave a charged anti-Trump speech and held a sign ironically reading, “Your Voice Matters.” Apparently that doesn’t apply if the voice is pro-life.

Take Action!

  • Contact IU President Michael McRobbie (812-855-4613, iupres@iu.edu). Insist the administration apologize for failing to intervene and defend the rights of peaceful pro-life demonstrators.
  • Spread the word that pro-abortion violence is on the rise! Share this video on Facebook, Twitter, and more!