New Campus Video: Minds Changed in 60 Seconds

Columbus, OH – Sept 8, 2016 – “I see the face and the arms. That’s sick,” Will—a student at Columbus State Community College (Ohio)—comments in a new video from Created Equal’s outreach earlier this week. In the space of 60 seconds, his mind changes completely on abortion because he encounters the victims of the brutality themselves.


“It looks disgusting. It looks like—I don’t know,” Will states initially in the clip. But then he realizes what he’s seeing. “Oh that’s a . . . baby.” And then his jaw drops. As Director of Training Seth Drayer describes abortion, Will continues to look in shock at the various pictures.

“I’ve never seen a picture like that,” he says. “That’s wrong as h***.”

“What did you think about it before seeing the pictures?” Seth asks.

“I just thought it was, like, a normal process,” Will responds. “Now . . . I see the face and the arms. That’s sick.”

If someone is open-minded to the truth, all it takes is 60 seconds and visual evidence of injustice. Before Will saw the brutality, he dismissed abortion as a benign procedure. But that changed this week.

Often, people deride pro-life activism, saying “People are established in their views, there’s no point.” This video, along with dozens of similar ones, show conclusively that minds can change on abortion.

People’s minds change on abortion when they see abortion.