Ohio Forces of Death Squirm as Attacks on Created Equal Begin to Backfire

Our resistance is getting stronger, and our opposition is in turn getting more desperate!  Our 24/7 Columbus Sidewalk Team (assembled by ProtestPP) has saved 12 babies in the last two months.  We’re cutting into the profits of Ohio’s abortion business, and they’re resorting to the legislature to make our sidewalk counseling punishable by law!

Our Killers Among Us post-carding project is running long-time abortionists out of business, and now it is also under attack by the Ohio legislature!

Liberal college campuses aren’t liking the effectiveness of our methods, either!  Otterbein  University resorted to attempting to censor us by buying the sidewalk we use for outreach… but we won there, too!  They deemed that buying the sidewalk to prevent the students from being “unhappy” would be ridiculous.  At least there is some sense left in these liberal institutions!  As we wait upon the House of Representatives to take action, let’s hope and pray that our state politicians also have sense enough to vote down the legislative attempts at censorship! 

Listen to Mark relay recent updates on these stories as well as defend the lawfulness and purposes of our post-carding methods.  Mark explains that it does not classify as harassment, nor does it legally deserve a civil right of action. 

Watch how our Otterbein sidewalk story ended on state-wide TV:

Source: Podbean