#OperationDNC: Pro-Life Activists Plan Protests During Democratic National Convention This Summer

The eyes of the world will be focused on Milwaukee, WI this summer as the Democrat party nominates their candidate for the President of the United States.

“Democrats support abortion on demand, even infanticide, and they want taxpayers to pay for it,” said Mark Harrington, President of Created Equal. “The days of Democrats trying to make abortion safe, legal and rare, are sadly over.  Today, a ‘pro-life democrat is an oxymoron.’”

Before the convention decisions are often made regarding the platform of the party that will influence our nation for a generation. Created Equal is assembling a coalition of pro-life groups and activists to take advantage of this historic opportunity and collectively raise our voice for the preborn.

Please join us August 13-19 for public outreach events in Milwaukee as we demand the Democrat Party defend the preborn but also call our nation to repent for 46 years of unabated child killing.

Take Action

Contact us now at Ian@CreatedEqual.org and let us know you will be part of this effort to draw attention to the sanctity of human life and the murder of the preborn.

For more information, go to: OperationDNC.com

More specifics will be coming out soon.