President Trump Just Won Re-Election

Abortion is a winning issue for Republicans. This has long been true but especially so since the Democrats’ newfound honesty about their beliefs. Infanticide has always been the logical conclusion of the “pro-choice” position, but Democrats weren’t willing to admit that until recently in New York and Virginia.

President Trump understands this and it’s part of why he won in 2016. His harsh description of Hillary Clinton’s support for third trimester abortions in the final presidential debate was the moment many Christians decided they would vote for him. This showed on election day. Among 2016 presidential voters for whom Supreme Court nominations were the most important issue, Trump won by a whopping 56-41 margin.

Since being elected, President Trump has not been afraid to publicly embrace the pro-life movement, something which cannot be said for any president since Reagan; and even he never spoke at the March for Life as Trump has.

Now, with Democrats openly embracing the killing of preborn babies at 40-weeks as well as newborns, President Trump knows this is an issue he can win on again. In his State of the Union address, the President tore legislators and governors in New York and Virginia to shreds over their enthusiastic embrace of murder.

President Trump isn’t the only one who knows abortion is a winning issue for Republicans. Democrats know it too. Henry Rodgers of The Daily Caller attempted to get reactions from ten different congressional Democrats to Virginia Governor Ralph Northam’s defense of infanticide. Not one of them would address it. Nine pretended they hadn’t even heard his comments.

A few days later, Senate democrats blocked Senator Ben Sasse’s (R-Nebraska) Born-Alive Infants Protection Act. In doing so, they sent only Senator Patty Murray (D-Washington) to the hearing, and she left immediately after objecting. After the firestorm directed at New York and Virginia, Senate Democrats knew they couldn’t defend infanticide, so they didn’t. They did Planned Parenthood’s bidding and then they ran. Evil and cowardice often go together like that.

Truth is the enemy of abortion. When abortion supporters are able to effectively lie to and manipulate the public, they often win. But when the truth comes out, they’re exposed as the barbarians they are. President Trump’s willingness to seize on and expose that barbarity is why he is going to win again in 2020.

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