Ireland’s Pro-Life Campaigners Face Censorship, Ministerial Rebuke

On May 25, Irish voters head to the polls to vote on whether to retain the Eighth Amendment to the Irish Constitution which outlaws abortion.  Ahead of the referendum, the Irish Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform (ICBR) has been conducting educational outreach events about abortion throughout the country.  By using abortion victim photography to spark conversations about what abortion does to a preborn baby, ICBR has drawn the attention of parliament, the media, and most prominently, Irish Prime Minister Leo Vardakas.

Vardakas recently said, “the really graphic and vile billboards and posters we’ve seen pop up around the state; I think they should be removed.  I know they are upsetting to pregnant women and their partners.  I hope they will be counterproductive and the people will revolt against them.”

No method of pro-life education receives as much opposition as abortion victim images; and there’s a reason for that.  Abortion advocates don’t want the truth to be known and will do almost anything to keep hidden the reality of abortion.  Abortion will be allowed only when child killing is kept unseen because when abortion is seen and fully understood, it argues against itself.  They want us to consider them “pro-choice,” but when they truth about abortion is shown, their position is exposed for what it is: pro-barbaric-killing-of-innocent-babies.

Despite these efforts by Irish abortion advocates to cover up abortion, ICBR has experienced the opposite of revolt during their public education outreaches.  (You can follow ICBR’s outreaches HERE.)

Sadly, some pro-lifers and Christians, fearing what abortion supporters say about us, are assisting the killers of babies by opposing the use of these powerful images which bear witness to the evil of abortion.  As Gregg Cunningham said, “No social reform movement has ever succeeded in outlawing injustice by participating in the cover-up.”  Such people mistake marketing for doing what’s right.  There are certainly people who hate us because we force them to acknowledge the human carnage resulting from their worldview, but as long as preborn humans are dehumanized and killed, we must continue to advocate on their behalf with the most effective methods at our disposal, lest we disobey God and abandon our conscience.

We at Created Equal are very thankful for the work of ICBR.  Keep them, Youth Defense, Apologia Church, Let them Live, Save the 8th, former Created Equal staffer Emma Mysko, all the other pro-life campaigners, and most importantly, Irish preborn babies in your prayers.