The Weak Link of Medical Waste: Affecting the Supply Side of the Abortion Equation

Abortion is a business.  Therefore, like any other business, abortion depends on supply and demand. Most pro-life efforts are rightly devoted to the demand side of this equation. Educating abortion-minded parents and the pro-choice public about abortion and sharing the good news of the Gospel is essential to ending the killing. But demand side tactics are not alone sufficient to effect change, especially in a culture that increasingly supports killing babies.  

However, there is a neglected side of the battle – the supply side.

The supply side is affected by exposing abortion enablers, such as medical waste companies. According to the abortion industry’s own experts, medical waste companies such as Stericycle are the abortion industry’s Achilles’ Heel. Medical waste companies are similar to the crematorium operators in the Jewish Holocaust. The systematic destruction of European Jewry depended on it. In that sense, the enablers of abortion-choice are no better than the Nazis who killed Jews directly.

#ProjectWeakLink is beginning by targeting Stericycle, because Planned Parenthood’s largest medical waste disposal company which provides them the “service” of disposing aborted babies and the instruments used to kill them. Abortionists admit that without this service they would shut down. Severing the link between the two would likely bring Planned Parenthood’s child-killing to a halt.

Question: What if Stericycle and other medical waste companies were to stop doing the dirty work of Planned Parenthood?

Some believe they would just find other ways to dispose of the dead babies. Seems logical, right? Abortionist Renee Chelian proposed several ways of dealing with the shortage of medical waste companies. In video recorded at the 2013 National Abortion Federation Conference Chelian offered several solutions:

Solution #1:  Renting freezers.  Chelian said, “I had five months’ of fetal tissue in my freezers. We were renting freezers.”

Problem: Storing dead babies in freezers may be a temporary solution, but that doesn’t solve the long term issue: eventually abortionists have to dispose of the aborted fetuses.

Solution #2: Bonfires.  Chelian said, “I was ready to drive to upper Michigan and have a bonfire.”

Problem:  Having open bonfires in the woods would be an absolute public relations nightmare for Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry if the public found out.

Solution #3: Garbage disposal. Chelian said, “The garbage disposal was an option.”

Problem: Pouring aborted fetuses down the disposal is an “old school” method and not a long term fix because states are increasingly regulating abortion facilities to ensure humane disposal of fetal remains (see AUL model legislation and pending Ohio and Indiana laws).

Solution #4: Planned Parenthood (PP) and other abortion facilities would own and operate their own disposal businesses. Chelian said, she was going to “go into inner city Detroit and get a lot and put an incinerator there.”

Just as the Nazis killed and disposed of gassed Jews by building crematorium in the actual death camps, PP will likely build their own disposal systems inside PP facilities (especially mega-centers) or purchase land, build facilities, and become licensed to own and operate medical waste treatment companies.

I predict this is what Planned Parenthood is going to do (and may be doing at this very moment). Independent companies like Stericycle are more influenced by public pressure and protest (since they don’t take such a big stake in the politics of abortion). Operating their own medical waste companies permit PP to take control over one the most controversial and vulnerable aspect of their business – disposing of fetal remains. This possible solution would fix the problem long-term and is why we must act now!

Additionally, in a cooperative effort, those abortion facilities that could not afford to operate their own incineration or autoclaving businesses will simply contract with those abortion businesses who have the resources to pick up, transport, and dispose of fetal remains.

That is why, I believe, we have a very small window of opportunity (maybe five years) to pressure these medical waste companies to discontinue providing Planned Parenthood the services to dispose of aborted children and the instruments used to kill them.

If we act NOW, Planned Parenthood would be unable to dispose of the babies they kill, and the murder of millions of innocent children by Planned Parenthood would LIKELY GRIND TO A HALT.

If we don’t act NOW we will have missed a HISTORIC OPPORTUNITY to stop the killing.  

Created Equal is committed to standing with pro-life Americans to stop Stericycle and other medical waste companies from enabling the abortion industry’s number one killer – Planned Parenthood – from murdering thousands of innocent children.

Join the national effort to close down Planned Parenthood.                             

  • Contact CEO Charles Alutto (847-607-2004) or to respectfully request Stericycle discontinue providing Planned Parenthood with the services of collecting, transporting, and disposing of aborted children and the instruments used to kill them.
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