The Weak Link of Medical Waste: Affecting the Supply Side of Abortion

“I hired someone to take 20 bottles [of dead fetuses] and put it into my garbage disposal.” – Abortionist Renee Chelian

project_weak_linkAbortion is a business. Therefore, like any other business, abortion depends on supply and demand. Most pro-life efforts are rightly devoted to the demand side of this equation. Educating abortion-minded parents and the pro-choice public about abortion and sharing the good news of the Gospel is essential to end the killing. But demand side tactics are not alone sufficient to effect change, especially in a culture increasingly in support of killing babies.

However, there is a neglected side of the battle – the supply side.

The supply side is affected by exposing abortion enablers, such as medical waste companies. According to the abortion industry’s own experts, medical waste companies, such as Stericycle, are the industry’s Achilles’ Heel. Medical waste companies are similar to the crematorium operators in the Jewish Holocaust, upon which the systematic destruction of European Jewry depended. Enablers of abortion are no better than the Nazis who killed Jews directly. That’s why we’re announcing #ProjectWeakLink.

We need your help to sever the weak link of the abortion industry! Your gift of any size allows Created Equal to apply pressure on those who collaborate with abortionists to bring an end to the killing.

#ProjectWeakLink is beginning by targeting Stericycle, Planned Parenthood’s largest medical waste company, which provides them the “service” of disposing of aborted babies and the instruments used to kill them. Drawing upon methods which have led to multiple successes through our Killers Among Us campaigns, we will deliver postcards to neighbors of Stericycle’s CEO and board members, as well as drive mobile billboards around their neighborhoods, to expose their collaboration with child-killing. We’re also leading a nationwide public awareness campaign of calls, petitions, and more.

What if Stericycle were to stop doing the dirty work of Planned Parenthood? Unable to dispose of their victims, Planned Parenthood would likely grind to a halt.

Indeed, abortionists admit losing this service would shut them down. At a 2013 National Abortion Federation conference, abortionist Renee Chelian said, “We are all one incinerator away, or one incineration company away, from being closed.”