68,724+ #ProtestPP

History was made this weekend. #ProtestPP rallies were held in 352 cities, 49 American states (plus Washington, DC), and 6 countries. With 279 of the 352 cities reporting, over 68,000 people came out to #ProtestPP. And we are still counting! The vision of #ProtestPP was to strengthen the efforts of local groups and activists. You […]

Radical Abortion Advocates Assemble Against #ProtestPP

These ladies doth protest too much, methinks.  “The vicious slander and attacks on Planned Parenthood must be stopped!” declares radical pro-abortion group Stop Patriarchy in an online call for counter protests to our August 22nd rallies in 300+ cities nationwide. Perusing their site, it wasn’t their decision to assemble which recalled Shakespeare to my mind. Rather, […]