“Pro-life is pro-inconsistency”

Letter to the Editor: In “Pro-life is pro-inconsistency” (March 8, 2016), The Alligator states Created Equal (who was on the UF campus this week) is inconsistent for standing against abortion when we are truly not “pro-life” in all aspects. The … More

“My Sister I’ll Never Meet”: Day Three

“I look at these pictures and think of my sister I’ll never get to meet.” These words, uttered between sobs by a student named Allie* at University of Florida not only indicated a mind being changed but also ripped the … More

“Rape is moral in some cultures”: Day Two

“Morality is subjective,” the man uttered, dismissing me with a wave of his hand and a seemingly bored bespectacled glance. What he lacked in passion was instantly supplied by a throng of students cheering and shouting the equivalent of, “Yeah, … More