Thousands of abortion victim postcards delivered to Washington, DC residences

Front Side of the Postcard

As the nation watches in horror the attack on the rule of law by anarchists, Created Equal is delivering to Washington. DC residences thousands of large postcards depicting aborted babies containing the phrase, “Wake Up America!, We are killing our children!” Thousands of federal workers, hundreds of congressional aids, and dozens of US Congressmen and women are receiving these cards right now as I write!

Full-color 5 ½ ” x 11” postcards are hitting DC mailboxes today!

Back Side of the Postcard

For over a generation, decriminalized abortion has trained Americans to solve tough social problems by killing. The current violence and rioting in our major cities are a result of our unwillingness to love our preborn neighbors as ourselves. Hence, violence in the womb is spilling over into violence in the streets.

We cannot expect to end racial bigotry and mob violence until we stop discriminating against our most vulnerable citizens – the preborn.

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