Unborn Black Lives Matter Project Hits Major Cities

Columbus, OH – September 10, 2020 – When it comes to killing babies, no organization is worse than Planned Parenthood, which happens to be a dedicated ally and co-conspirator with the Black Lives Matter movement.  From its founding Planned Parenthood has used Black leaders – especially ministers and preachers – to sow the seeds of deadly abortion weeds within the African-American community.

We are delivering this image on postcards, tow banners, and mobile billboards in predominantly Black neighborhoods in key cities where we’ll have courageous counselors on hand to pass out literature and speak with people about the tremendous harm abortion is wreaking on the Black community.

As you can see, we are NOT supporting Black Lives Matter; neither the movement nor the organization.  Rather we support all Black lives – born and unborn!  So, we designed our graphics to generate huge amounts of media coverage and make it clear that for the pro-abortion anarchists at Black Lives Matter – along with those at Planned Parenthood – there are hundreds of thousands of Black lives that DON’T matter to them; namely, all the unborn Black babies Planned Parenthood abortionists kill every year.

Keep in mind the Unborn Black Lives Matter Project is only one way Created Equal is working with you to end our nation’s abortion holocaust.  In addition to this project we are about to launch both our “Road Trip for Life” project to college campuses and our VOTE ANTI-ABORTION CAMPAIGN to key cities and states.

You can give online HERE or send your check to: Created Equal, PO Box 360502, Columbus, OH 43236. Your gift is tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.