Why Pastors MUST Be Anti-Abortion Activists | The Mark Harrington Show

Pastor Wendell Brane was AGAINST pro-life activism early in his ministerial work, until he saw photos of abortion.  At that point it became more than a political issue to Wendell, and he has since spent his pastoral ministry engaging his congregation and community with the pro-life message, even temporarily leaving the pastorate in the 1980’s to join the Operation Rescue movement.  He no longer accepts ANY of the excuses he used to make for himself.  Listen to Mark and Wendell explain why the common excuses are inadequate and what can be done to make a difference.

The excuse that pastors are “just called to preach the gospel” is based upon a flawed view of the gospel.  It ignores the very next verse after the Great Commission: Matthew 28:20: “… and teach them to obey everything I have commanded you.”  If abortion is not seen as a gospel issue because it is political, other ecclesiastical charities–like alleviating poverty, orphan care, and saving human trafficking–are also just political issues!  But we MUST care about those issues.

Pastors that argue that they may lose their tax-exempt status are also without excuse.  A church’s 501-c3 status has NEVER been revoked due to pro-life speech.  But even if it was common, would God accept that excuse for staying silent against GENOCIDE?
Pray with your congregation.  Group prayer not only enables congregations to petition the Lord… it encourages them to CARE!

Source: Podbean