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Meet THE RESISTANCE, Created Equal’s full-time team. We are committed to the defense of preborn babies and human equality.

Mark Harrington

National Director

Originally from: Columbus, OH

Passion: Saving babies

Bio: Executive Director, Created Equal (May 2011-Present) / Executive Director, Center for Bio Ethical Reform-Midwest (1999-2010) / B.A. in Marketing and Economics, The Ohio State University / Married since 1990 (4 children) / Full-time pro-life work since 1998

Justice Rider since: 2011

Free time: What’s that?

Links: Speaker Bio / Facebook / Newsletters / Support Mark / Contact Mark

Seth Drayer

Director of Training

Originally from: Fort Wayne, IN

Passion: Mentoring preborn defenders

Bio: Director of Training, Created Equal (May 2011 – Present) / Director of Campus Training and Outreach, Center for Bio Ethical Reform-Midwest (2010-2011) / Youth Minister, Trinity Evangelical Church (2007-2010) / B.A. in French Teaching, Indiana University / Married since 2009 (2 children)

Justice Rider since: 2011

Free time: Hanging out with wife and kids / Editing video / Writing fiction

Links: Speaker Bio / Twitter / Support Seth / Contact Seth

Rachel Burkey

Administrative Director

Originally from: Northeast Indiana

Passion: Fighting for Truth and Justice

Bio: Intern, Created Equal (Summer 2015, February 2016 – Present) / Emergency Medical Technician (July 2015) / Agricultural Technician (2007-2015)

Free time: Farming / Volleyball / Cooking / Reading / Spending time with friends and family

Links: Facebook / Instagram / Support Rachel / Contact Rachel / Blog

Ian Spencer

Director of Outreach & Engagement

Originally from: Fort Wayne, IN

Passion: Fighting against the injustice of abortion.

Bio: Outreach Coordinator, Created Equal (March 2016 – Present) / Created Equal intern (June 2014 – March 2016)

Justice Rider since: 2011

Free time: Spending time with friends / Reading / Listening to music

Links: Facebook / Twitter / Support Ian / Contact Ian / Blog

Joseph Bermingham

Operations Officer

Originally from: Greater Seattle Area, WA

Passion: Defending the Preborn and Truth

Bio: Intern, Created Equal (Summer 2015) / President, Northern Right to Life (2015-2016) / B.S. in Business Administration, Northern Kentucky University (2016)

Free time: Singing / Theatre / Guitar / Swing Dancing

Links:  Support Joseph / Contact Joseph / Blog

Gabriel Vance

Director of External Affairs

Originally from: Columbus, OH

Passion: Fighting to save preborn children, mothers and fathers from the greatest human injustice of our day

Bio: Special Projects Coordinator, Created Equal (June 2016 – Present) / Vice-President, Panthers for Life, Ohio Dominican University (2014-2016) / Created Equal Intern (2014) / Founder & President, Crusaders for Life – Central Ohio & Big Walnut High School (2013-2014) / B.A. in Theology, Ohio Dominican University (2016) / Married since 2015 (1 child)

Justice Rider since: 2014

Free time: Spending time with family, involvement with youth ministry / Camping / Farming

Links: Facebook / Support Gabriel / Contact Gabriel / Blog

Samuel Riley

Content Manager / Field Captain

Originally from: Yucaipa, CA.

Passion: Exposing human injustice

Bio: Media Coordinator, Created Equal (June 2015 – Present) / Campus Outreach Team member, Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust (2014 to 2015)

Justice Rider since: 2015

Free time: Hanging out with friends / Returning home to see family / Reading / Writing / Debating

Links: Support Sam / Contact Sam / Blog

Sarah Harrington

Giving Specialist

Originally from: Caldwell, Idaho

Passion: Making known the truth about human equality

Bio: Intern, Created Equal (June 2015 – Present) / Former ballet and jazz teacher

Justice Rider since: 2015

Free time: Dance / Artwork / Sleeping

Links: Support Sarah / Contact Sarah

Emmarsyn Mysko

Field Assistant

Originally from: Celina, Ohio

Passion: Fighting for the Preborn

Bio: Intern, Created Equal (February 2016-Present) / President, Mercer County Students for Life (August 2015- Present)

Free time: Hanging out with friends and family / Reading / Music

Links:  Facebook / Instagram / Support Emma / Contact Emma / Blog

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James Silberman


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