2016: A Year for Revolution | The Mark Harrington Show

In 2016, America will encounter one of its most important cultural battles of its history. Last year was also HUGE for Created Equal, the preborn and our nation. During our two “National Protests of Planned Parenthood,” over 100,000 Americans put the entire abortion industry on its heels through peaceful clinic protest and presence. In this NEW year, ProtestPP will turn its eyes towards Washington. People from ProtestPP sites across the country will come together in the District of Columbia for ProtestPP in DC,” the day before the March for Life to rally against a Planned Parenthood mega-clinic being built there. Please join Mark to hear him take on DC’s evil ministers of death with David DaleidenLila RosePatrick MahoneyMonica Miller and Eric Scheidler.
This protest in DC is just the start of a groundbreaking year at Created Equal.  Our innovative pro-life outreach technologies will continue to revolutionize the movement to end abortion in our nation, reaching more eyes in 2016 than ever before.  The numbers of babies saved is flying through the roof!
Please DONATE today to enable us to use our unique organization this year to provide EVEN GREATER results for the preborn!

Source: Podbean