2018 Summer Justice Ride Begins Sunday

When a student reaches the end of the school year, their priority understandably becomes fun and relaxation. This isn’t the case for all, however; some start their Summer break by picking up their cross and acting on behalf of the voiceless victims of the culture of death.

The 2018 Summer Justice Ride begins on Sunday. Upon arrival, the riders will begin their training. Created Equal Content Manager and apologetics extraordinaire Sam Riley will teach the case against abortion to the first-time riders and Created Equal Director of Training/touring pro-life apologist Seth Drayer will coach the experienced riders through the finer points of philosophy and bioethics regarding human life and abortion.

2018 Summer Justice RideWhat makes the Justice Ride unique among pro-life training courses is that the classroom training is matched with daily outreach in which students are practicing their new skills in community.

During the day, we will make abortion victims visible, create conversation to change minds, and share the Gospel with those carrying burdens. During the evenings, we’ll share stories, discuss how to better answer questions we’ve heard, and inspire each other for a lifetime of defending truth.

When the riders head back to campus this fall, most of them will be confronted with an unashamed pro-abortion effort to dehumanize babies and shame preborn defenders into silence. When they move on to adult life, they will be pressured into conformity and apathy regarding the murder of innocent babies. In order to remain counter-cultural warriors for the Kingdom, they will have to practice swimming upstream and strengthen their abilities.

Accordingly, the theme for this Justice Ride is “Never Give Up”. Violent pro-abortion activists and societal pressure may seek to silence us, but we must never back off of our mission to advance the case of human equality.

Lives depend on it.

Our next Justice Ride will be in March 2019. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for announcements about dates and sign ups. Unable to join the Justice Ride? Donate to the cause here.